Try these tips to plan and stay on track with health goals

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Whether you want to make changes in your life for your health, to learn a new skill or for other reasons, reaching your ultimate goal can take time. Consider these tips to help you plan, stay focused and feel a sense of accomplishment each step of the way.

Focus on today (and maybe tomorrow). Rather than focusing on how wildly different your life will be months from now after you have mastered your new skill, try focusing on the daily or weekly steps to get there. For example, if your goal is to cut soda out of your diet, get your mind set on skipping it for one day. You may realize that taking it one day at a time makes your goal easier and more realistic to commit to.

Have someone join you. See if a friend or family member has a similar goal in mind for themselves. When you have someone else working toward the same goal, it can help you find support and keep you true to your goal. If you are working toward a goal by yourself, let friends know. They may be able to help you stay on course.

Put the steps to your goal on the calendar. By officially setting aside the time on a calendar and writing it down, you are making your goal a priority. Stay firm, and try to make other activities work around these steps. And if you find your schedule needs to be flexible, just focus on those times that are available for the week ahead. Then, plan the next seven days.

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