Coping with a chronic condition

Coping with a chronic illness

Coping with a chronic illness can be difficult whether you are newly diagnosed or you have been managing it for years. There are ways you can gain control over parts of your care and enjoy your life, even if there are limits.

  • Talk to family and friends about ways they can help. By letting the people around you know how having a chronic condition makes you feel, you can find ways to make managing your condition less stressful and a part of everyone’s routine.
  • Find a hobby that works with your limitations. For example, if your disease puts restrictions on your diet, then try to find delicious new recipes for foods you can have. Try healthy substitutions that put new twists on your old favorite foods.
  • Find a support group. Being around others managing the same condition can remind you that you’re not alone. Plus, support groups are a great way to share tips for dealing with certain situations in creative ways.
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